“You are an anomaly.”

— Dick Tyler, retired AOR/Classic Rock programmer

“Overdrive Media has been partnered with Andrew Frame Soundworks for the past ten years. They have become a intimate part of our daily operations, handling our copywriting and production for most of our television and radio audio for a wide range of clients including automotive dealerships and cable television/internet companies. Their work ethics are the best in the industry. I would highly recommend his services to any company thinking of using them. If you have any questions about their performance, please feel free to contact me.”

–Doug Bennett, President, Overdrive Media, Flagstaff

“Andrew Frame Soundworks consistently over-delivers on jobs for us. Their professionalism, integrity and quality of work is an inspiration to us, and a revelation to our clients. Our founder, the late Paul Hardy, perhaps put it most succinctly; in our local vernacular, they’re a top bloke.”

— Reg Mowat, General Manager, TVOG Australia

“An amazing editor and producer and asset to our company. Very time conscious and quality is always superb. We’re happy to have found someone with this great work ethic and talent.”

— Adam Winter, Production Manager, Personal Life Media.com, San Francisco

“Year after year Andrew Frame Soundworks has been an outstanding company to work with. Professional, fast and affordable, their work has made our work shine again and again. They know really how to hit home runs. I have recommended them to numerous producers and production companies.”

— Wilson Hawthorne, President, Eyeland Telemedia, Inc., Fort Myers

“Far too often we need work done yesterday but can’t afford to sacrifice quality. They always meet deadline and budget with outstanding talent. They are our ‘go-to source’ when we need audio production and voice work. As anyone in this business can attest – when your clients are happy, everyone is happy – on every project entrusted to Andrew Frame Soundworks we’ve been blessed with clients who are very, very pleased. ”

— Eddie Bryant, formaer VP/Marketing, FMB Advertising, Knoxville

“Andrew Frame Soundworks creates the most creative, market-savvy commercials I’ve heard. I’ve had clients buy advertising on our station just because of the spec commercial they created for that advertiser.”

— Linda Hamlin Russin, Owner, Island 107.1 FM WIIS Key West

“As a general manager and a sales executive, I want my sellers focused on business. I know the pain of having a good client and a good idea… but no commercial to back it up. Their production is stellar, but it’s the writing that cuts through the noise. A near-savant ability to string ideas together along with his huge stable of pro voices give him the edge other services don’t have. When I need a concept, they get me started and walk me through to the finished product. Follow up is astounding.”

— Joey Cummings, GM/GSM/PD, South Seas Broadcasting, KKHJ-FM American Samoa

“Andrew Frame Soundworks is a great resource for any production company looking for diverse and professional voice talent. What impresses me the most is their willingness to “get it right”. I have used many other voiceover companies in the past as well as freelance VO artists, and BAFSoundWorks stands out. ”

— Laurie Keebler, Charter Networks, Tampa Bay Division

“They always put up with our sh*t and humor us when we need a re-read. Even when the talent has already confirmed the proper pronunciation, and the locals aren’t saying it right, they re-do it anyway even just to make us feel better. It’s always a pleasure to deal with these guys. They are very flexible and have a great selection of professional talent to choose from, that is delivered on time.”

— Aaron Jordan, President, Stealth Productions, Orlando

“I’ve used Andrew Frame Soundworks for all my audio production needs for many years, and have continually found them and their many voice talents to be professional with quick turnaround and, most importantly, on budget each and every time. When a colleague needs audio production services I always recommend them.”

— Jack Carver, President, Associates in Professional Marketing, Inc., Fort Myers

“Andrew Frame Soundworks always comes through for me. Plus they are really pleasant to deal with,too.”

— Jonni Watts, High Wattage Advertising, Tampa

“For professionalism, meeting deadlines, production value … you know … the “whole nine yards” …you go to Andrew Frame Soundworks. They’re on your team.”

— Alison Drake, President, AD Marketing, Advertising & PR, Fort Myers

“I have confidence that they will deliver the quality I’m looking for every time. I also feel comfortable knowing my audio is being handled by experienced professionals who instinctively do all the things necessary to make my projects even better. Two thumbs up.”

— Bill Rogers, Producer, President, Bill Rogers Productions