Ten Tips For Selecting Talent

  1. There are many talent to select from. Take your time, and relax. Listen to the demos. You’re not picking a fast-food burger. You are selecting the voice that will represent your product or service.

  2. Don’t rule out male or female voices because you have a gender pre-conception of what you think will sound good. Expand your horizons and listen to your options. We don’t charge for auditions, so you have no reason to rush the selection.

  3. Select three voices. You never know if your first pick has laryngitis, is on vacation, or may have a contractual issue that would keep them from being in your market. We’ll send your script to all three of your picks – as well as confirm rate and availability – and you can then narrow from there.

  4. If you’re really not sure who you would like, we will do a “call” audition. We’ll send a portion of your script to our entire roster, then forward the reads on to you. This takes a few days, so don’t be in a rush.

  5. Talent will have a “signature” read, that is, the read that they do best. But the signature read isn’t the only read. Because you may not want a big baritone voice, doesn’t mean they can’t deliver a character read.

  6. Some talent are available for directed sessions – your opportunity to be on the phone with them listening in real time while they do the read. You can then ask for retakes on specific lines, or help them with pronunciation issues on indigenous words. Directed sessions must be scheduled, so don’t expect to pick a talent, and then get on the phone with them straight away.

  7. Our business goal is to have your voice over to you within 24 hours of your order. Talent do not work weekends or holidays. They aren’t sitting with bated-breath next to the phone waiting for a call. They will schedule your session so your read has their prime focus and attention. The point is to provide you with the absolute best that talent can deliver.

  8. All of our talent reads are one-year, non-market exclusive buy-outs. That means you can use the read for one year as much as you want with no additional fees. It also means someone else can hire the same talent to run in the same market. We do everything we can to prevent competitive situations in a market.

  9. Our Australian talent is through arrangement with Hardy Audio, Australia. If you would like an Aussie talent, visit their website at Hardy Audio, select your three voices, and let us know who they are. We’ll make the arrangements for your audition or session.

  10. Never, ever eat Fig Newtons and drink a cola. Although delicious individually, when combined will give you really … really … bad breath.