Terms Of Use

We didn’t think we’d ever have to write a Terms Of Use piece… so we’ll try and keep it simple.

What we do for you :

We don’t sell anything. We lease. If you use voice talent under our representation you have unlimited use of that project for one year from the date of delivery of the final, approved product, in an agreed upon market in a singular media. (You can’t take a radio spot and use it on the television, or vice versa.)

You may not edit or otherwise rearrange any audio for any reason. (No derivatives.)
Have us do it. Editing fees are inexpensive and the end result will be sooo much better sounding.

You may not use any script we write for more than one year.

You may not use any production (scripts, audio, anything) in more than the agreed upon market. Multiple markets mean multiple fees.

Now, if you provide the voice talent, and we do the editing and post-production, the project is yours to use as you wish anywhere, anytime, ad infinitum.

What you do for us :

Timely payment by company check or cash. The due date is always printed on your invoice. We do not accept PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, or anything other than a check or cash. Our margin is so low that the percentages charged means we’d have to pass that charge to you, and the last thing this world needs are richer bankers and lawyers.

It may be necessary to update this from time to time, but for now, let’s keep it simple and everyone play nice.