Scratch & Timing Voiceovers

For the initial roughing-out, some editors cut video to the sound, some edit sound to the video. Often, the sound isn’t the final version, so at some point pickups are needed.

If you don’t have your talent selected, or are awaiting their reads, we will do a scratch v/o for your project. This way you can get started on the video edit and be further along when the “real” audio shows up. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure what you’ve written fits what’s going to be on screen.

Our scratch tracks are sent with the same technical quality as a “real” voiceover.

How can we do this? Our wonderful talent group runs the range of experience and exposure from national and international to very good local and regional radio and television voices. It gives some of our less-experienced people valuable time behind the microphone, and it gives you a quickly available and rate-friendly scratch-track to start your editing.

Rates are determined by the project, but as always, we work with your budgets, so don’t let dollars stand in the way. And, if you should like your scratch track talent, we simply convert the job from a “scratch” project to a “v/o” project, and adjust the fee accordingly.