TV & Video Voiceover and Post

Video producers are often serving many masters upstream – account representatives, senior managers, various style committees, and of course, the customer … who in turn might be another committee!

We do everything we can to make our end of the arrangement easy. Unless you specify otherwise, we ship audio completely cleaned up and ready to drop in to your editor.

  • It will be timed to length and peak limited to -2db.
  • If need be, we’ll touch up the EQ and settings so you don’t have to.
  • We don’t use compression, so you have a pristine piece of audio to work with.
  • It will be available for “one-click” download from our FTP site as a WAV, AIF, or any lossless format you specify, at 48kHz, 16- or 32-bit.

We offer a rare opportunity for television audio. Our background is decades of sound design. We also bring equivalent years of copywriting forward when asked to write, or review a script. And, for the dry voiceover or fully produced audio mix, we use the same tools for audio-only production to make sure your television audio is perfect.